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Welcome to Hope United Church, we are a bible based church in Motherwell, Scotland. We meet together as a body of believers to sit under God’s Word and worship on Sundays at 11am & 5pm, and at different times throughout the month.


Scripture is at the heart of everything we do and believe at Hope United – God’s Word guides us in every area of ministry: from how we worship, to how we teach our children in God’s ways, right through to the expository preaching of God’s Word.  


Our mission is to share the good news of the gospel and expose the scripture to bring believers to maturity in Christ, see souls saved and bring people into a relationship with God.


As a church we hold to the 1689 Baptist Confession of faith, which can be found here. For more information on our beliefs and what we teach please click here.


We hope you can join us at one of our services and we look forward to meeting you there!






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Our Reformation as a Church:



'The Word - Found' documents the journey of reformation God has taken us through as a church, to bring us to a place where God's Word is the foundation of everything we do and teach here at Hope United Church:



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Blog Post: 'Things to Consider When Looking for a Church'

There is truly nothing more important in the life of a believer than the church they become planted in, as it is the most vital thing to shape a Christian’s walk.

Here are the 4 things we think are vital when choosing a church:

1. Is expository preaching of God's Word a priority? - By this we mean: is the Word foundational in all that the church stands on, and therefore shapes and furnishes all other things in the Church? We believe a church that understands that the Word is not just infallible but is sufficient for equipping us for our whole life, is the first priority when a believer looks for a church. Therefore, we believe the handling of God’s Word must be done by people equipped for that ministry, who can exposit God's Word both accurately and skilfully, with equal portions of 'grace and truth' (John 1:14).

2. Is it a church that is focused on discipleship? - We believe it is the responsibility of the church leaders/elders to make disciples and bring believers both together in unity, and lead them to maturity. We believe therefore, it’s vital that a church is led by shepherds and leaders whose commitment is to watch over the souls of God’s people and guide them, support them and be relational in the leading of them into maturity.

3. Is it a church that practices discipline? - That can be a bit of a daunting word. However, it’s the mark of a truly healthy church that they place a large emphasis on accountability among themselves. For this reason, we believe church membership to be a vital pillar, where congregants are not just people who attend a church, but people who belong to a church family, who care for one another’s spiritual health in order to live a life 'worthy of our calling' (Eph 4:1).

4. Does it have a clear mission? I.e. does it equip its congregation for serving and bringing glory to Christ in the world? We believe we are all called to serve and 'do the work of the evangelist' (2 Tim 4:5). It is therefore part of the very fabric of the church to equip believers with the skills to serve the Lord with all our hearts wherever we are called to. We believe the three points above are what give believers the best guidance and will equip them to do so.

Of course, this does not answer every question that might arise in detail. However, we believe if the church has these foundations as a priority, it is a great indication of a truly biblical church. Therefore, that church is most likely to be one that we can expect to be truly loved in, one that we can have trust in, and one we will be best able to grow in.

Then as a result of that, we believe God's people will be part of a church where God will be truly glorified and His people truly blessed.

- Pastor Mark Ralston


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